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Group Lodging Operational Guidelines

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What are they ?

Group Lodging facilities are sites where people affected by a disaster or emergency may be provided accommodation if commercial lodging is either unavailable or inappropriate. They may be in a facility such as a recreation centre, church hall, school, or even a tent - it depends on what is available in the community or what is needed.

What are the services they provide?

Group Lodging facilities are set up in order to provide for essential housing needs of people affected by a disaster. The Group Lodging facility (GL) organizational chart identifies many of the services that may be available at a Group Lodging facility, depending on the type and scope of the emergency.


When do you open a Group Lodging Facility?

The ESS Plan is an important part of the community's emergency plan. During an emergency response, the ESS Plan can be activated, either in whole or in part, under the direction of the local ESS Director, Emergency Program Coordinator or designate. Whether or not a Group Lodging facility will be opened is dependent on many factors including the size of the emergency, the available commercial lodging in a community and the number of volunteers available.


How do you set up a Group Lodging Facility?

Each Group Lodging facility floor plan will be unique, depending upon the structure of the building. Once ESS team members have been trained in Group Lodging facility operations by the Justice Institute, they will be ready and able to create a floor plan that will ensure smooth and effective operations in each potential Group Lodging facility.

You will need a Group Lodging facility kit for each potential Group Lodging facility. These kits provide the equipment to do the initial setting up of the facility. For a list of suggested Group Lodging Facility supplies Click here >>

Detailed instruction on Group Lodging facility requirements is provided to ESS volunteers and local government staff through Justice Institute training in the Group Lodging course.

arrow Group Lodging Operational Guidelines

Please provide the ESS Office with any feedback or ideas that you discover that can assist us in making this a better and more effective tool for your use.


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